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3rd Anniversary "Love"

Loveholic Magic 3rd Aniv.

Loveholic Magic 3rd Aniv. "Love""Love"
Date: 2009/05/30/sat @ mona records SHIMOKITAZAWA

Guest DJ: 高橋雄太, 斎藤愛(happyscale / VASCO DA GAMA)
Dj: bambi, 鳴海, maxi
Live: Sofa, Half Dozen Honeydip

Loveholic Magic 3rd Anniversary "Love" mix 090530

maxi's set
Intro ~ LOVE is ... ~
Procura se Uma Virgem / Orquestra St Moritz
M*A*S*H Theme / Ahmad Jamal
I'm Gonna Love You Just A Litte More Baby / Jimmy Smith
Cascavel / Antonio Adolfo
Dancer / Tatsuro Yamashita
I Need You More Than Words Can Say / Sunrize
Never Give You Up (feat. Stevie Wonder and CJ Hilton) / Raphael Saadiq
Melody For Thelma / Blue Mitchell

narumi's set
Living Love / Ronnie Laws
Just A Love Child / Bobbi Humphrey
Magic Wand Of Love / Kellee Patterson
Baby, This Love I Have / Minnie Riperton
Just A Little More, Baby (Inst.) / Barry White
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over / Lenny Kravitz

bambi's set
I Will Prossess Your Heart/ Death Cab for Cutie
Everybody Hurts / R.E.M.
Zero-Sum / Nine Inch Nails
Earth Intruders / Bjork
Limit To Your Love / Feist
Against All Odds / The Postal Service


2nd Anniversary "Bloom"

Loveholic Magic 2st Aniv. "Bloom"
Date: 2008/03/29/sat @ UNDERBAR SHIBUYA

Guest DJ: 松下大亮 (orbit brender / DugOut), MIJAT( JOURNEY / La-Ola )
Dj: bambi, 鳴海, maxi
Live: Sofa

【画像完全UPしました】BitterSweet Chocolate 20070210

Loveholic Magic 1st Aniv. "BitterSweet Chocolate"
Date: 2007/02/10/sat @ SPUMA SHIBUYA
Dj: bambi, 鳴海, maxi
Live: Sofa
Guest: Raykay


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